Assembled in the USA

Assembled in the USA and shipped from Granzow's exclusive, dedicated pump production facility in North Carolina. Hundreds of configurations are stocked and ready to ship within 2-3 days!

Peristaltic Pump Cross Section

Peribest pumps peristaltic technology.

  • Maximum resistance to abrasion.
  • Unmatched suction capability.
  • Indefinite dry running.
  • No valves or mechanical seals.
  • Gentle and reversible pumping.
  • Full dosing control.
  • Industrial, corrosion resistant and food versions.
  • Dosing accuracy of ±1%.
Peristaltic Features
Peristaltic Features

Heavy-duty hose pumps with large rollers


Newest peristaltic hose technology

High quality hose created with a unique manufacturing process: an extruded inner layer, high-density textile reinforcement and precision machined outer layer that ensures perfect compression and quick installation. Made from materials that are compatible with all types of media under various working conditions. Precise performance even in extreme temperatures or abrasive/corrosive conditions. Provides a longer hose life with fast, easy replacement.


Extremely heavy-duty design

Integrated oversized bearings to withstand axial loads, large metal rollers with oversized bearings, a secure and reliable connection system and robust construction materials create the ideal pump for continuous working conditions. Offers unrivaled pump life and superior performance in the harshest conditions.


Easy to assemble, operate and maintain

Fast and simple assembly, commissioning and maintenance. An innovative pump design allows for easy roller disassembly and quick hose replacement, resulting in less downtime. Maintenance-free pump with lubricated-for-life system requires only a small amount of lubricant, producing minimal waste. Decreases cost and downtime.


XXL roller technology

Excellent hose compression with no friction results in unmatched efficiency. Large rollers create a longer hose life, low energy consumption, minimal starting torque and a very wide frequency range. Generates major energy savings and a higher number of hose working hours.

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Industrial peristaltic pump
Food-grade peristaltic pump
Chemical peristaltic pump


Water Treatment

Sludges, slurries, products with a high solids content and abrasives such as lime milk are never a problem for PeriBest heavy-duty hose pumps. Strong materials, integrated bearings, large rollers and a system of secure connections prevent leaks during operation.

Food & Beverage

PeriBest offers a food-grade peristaltic pump with FDA nitrile hoses, an easy-opening front cover and tri-clamp sanitary connections. Peristaltic hoses utilize the newest technology, reducing consumption of spares and maintenance time. CIP cleaning is an uncomplicated process due to easy disassembly of rollers and simple hose removal.

Mining & Aggregate

PeriBest heavy-duty hose pumps transfer fluids with high solid concentrations easily due to their resistance to abrasion. This also reduces water consumption during separation and recirculation. PeriBest peristaltic hoses have reinforced textile layers and inner extruded layers that provide precision and durability, as well as reduce maintenance costs and production downtimes.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry demands equipment with high technical performance made from durable materials. PeriBest offers a chemical version peristaltic pump that utilizes ETFE coated cover and casing, the newest hose technology and corrosion resistant rollers resulting in less downtime and maintenance costs.

Ceramics & Construction

Continuous pumping of highly abrasive fluids is common in the ceramics and construction industries. This creates pump wear and a high consumption of spare parts. PeriBest heavy-duty hose pumps are unmatched in abrasion resistance. The robust construction, the newest technology peristaltic hoses and stainless steel connections reduce downtime, maintenance costs and product waste.

Paper Industry

Dry running and high solids content are no problem for PeriBest heavy-duty hose pumps. Not only do they have an excellent capacity for pumping high-density pulps, they are easy to install and require little maintenance due to their durable materials and latest technology hoses.