Heavy-duty cosmtic pumps- ideal for the health & beauty industry

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Heavy-duty cosmetic pumps- ideal for the health & beauty industry

The Granzow sanitary peristaltic pump is an ideal solution for the unique, hygienic needs of cosmetic producers. A variety of features ease and accelerate clean-in-place (CIP) processes. The hose and fittings are the only components that come in contact with the flowing media and the rolling action of the pump creates a wave of liquid that carries solids through the pump without damaging them.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to assemble, operate and maintain
  • FDA-compliant NBR hose
  • Sanitary 316 stainless steel (SS) tri-clamp connections
  • Hinged front cover for easy cleaning
  • Roller assembly dismantles with ease
  • Reversible pumping to effectively flush media
  • Gentle pumping with maximum efficiency
  • Requires significantly less lubricant compared to shoe pumps
  • Full control of dosing with ±1% accuracy

Common Applications

  • Viscous gels and lotions
  • Dosing fragrances
  • Media with abrasives in the mixture
  • Chemical dosing
  • Metering coloring and glosses
  • Transferring thickening agents
  • Adding antimicrobial elements
  • Pumping from totes, barrels and containers
  • Bulk transfer of plant or essential oils
  • Transferring makeup or creams
  • Adding alcohols
  • Batch production of sensitive or hygienic material
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Perfect for dosing liquids, transferring highly corrosive media or gently pumping difficult products that form gas during transfer.

Cosmetic peristaltic pump features
Cosmetic peristaltic pump features 1

Stainless steel front cover and base



High quality hose created using the newest peristaltic hose technology ensures perfect compression and quick installation. Provides an FDA-compliant, easy-to-replace hose.


Sanitary 316 stainless steel (SS) tri-clamp connections

A secure and reliable connection system made from robust construction materials that are standard in the cosmetics industry. Simplifies scheduled cleaning.


XXL roller technology

Excellent hose compression with no friction results in unmatched efficiency. Large rollers create a longer hose life, low energy consumption, minimal starting torque and a very wide frequency range. Generates energy savings and a higher number of hose working hours.


Sanitary white body


Extremely heavy-duty design

Integrated oversized bearings to withstand axial loads paired with large metal rollers (also with oversized bearings) create the ideal pump for continuous working conditions. Offers unrivaled pump life and superior performance.


Hinged front cover

Fast and simple assembly, commissioning and maintenance are possible thanks to the hinged front cover. Easy roller disassembly and quick hose replacement, result in less downtime. Only a small amount of lubricant is required producing minimal waste. Eases recurring clean-in-place (CIP) processes.

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