• Series SLV/UEV
  • Sanitary Pumps
  • Polished 304 and 316L Stainless Steel Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps
Pipe Sizes
5-100 psi
Air Pressure
Pump Types

About Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary pumps are made of extra-bright, polished stainless steel, sanitary pumps are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, cosmetic, food, dairy and beverage industries. In these applications, sanitary pumps have been an indispensable standard for many years, used for process and transfer duties.

The high demands placed on sanitary pumps with respect to housing materials (stainless steel 304 or 316 L), surface quality (up to 0.5µm available), and FDA-approved elastomer materials, can be met with this versatile range. Pumps can be supplied with the option of internal or external lubricant-free air control valves. Contamination of the pumped medium and the surrounding environment is therefore eliminated. Cleaning methods and the ability to sterilize (i.e. CIP "clean in place" and SIP "sterilize in place") were focal points during the design of these pumps. Polished sanitary pumps are available as SLV (304) or SUV/UEV (316 L) versions with clamp bands and in a flanged design (DH-UEV version).

Sanitary pumps can be supplied with optional fluid connections, such as dairy tube fitting, Aseptic DIN 11864, Triclamp, or Neumo. Due to the large ball valve clearances, these pumps can handle media containing solids, such as pieces of fruit, meats, or vegetables. Solid size is dependent on the pump size. These sensitive products are transferred through the pump without damage.

All polished sanitary pumps are delivered with an extra-bright polished frame, which, on some models, is adjustable in height. Various types of mobile units can be supplied to meet your specific requirements.

Operating Principle & Model Information

Double-acting, positive displacement Series SL/SU pumps operate with two alternating pumping chambers. The compressed air which drives the unit is admitted through a control valve, to the rear of each diaphragm in turn, so displacing the medium from alternate pumping chambers. In the pump illustrated below, the left-hand pumping chamber is in the intake position. A vacuum has been created by the retraction of the diaphragm and the pumped medium flows into the chamber. The right-hand diaphragm, which is supported by compressed air, simultaneously displaces the medium present in this chamber. Since the the two diaphragms are connected by a common piston rod, suction always occurs in one chamber whilst discharge is occurring the other.

Operating Principle for Sanitary Pumps
Model #Pipe
Available Pump Types
DL 15½"
DL 251"AvailableAvailableAvailable
DL 401½"AvailableAvailableAvailable
DL 502"AvailableAvailableAvailable
DL 803"AvailableAvailable

Pump Dimensions, By Model

Model #Dimensions
DL 1511.2"12.3"16.0"2.9"1.3"1.3"1.3"6.1"7.1"
DL 2515.3"16.3"20.5"3.2"2.0"2.0"3.2"9.8"13.2"
DL 4018.3"22.6"26.7"2.8"2.2"2.2"3.2"12.1"13.2"
DL 5024.7"28.1"33.0"3.4"2.2"2.2"4.2"15.2"13.2"
DL 80---------
Dimensions for Sanitary Models