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About Aluminum Pumps

Aluminum pumps are used in paint, varnish, automobile, waste water, ceramic, porcelain, mining, building and chemical industries. More than 20 models with different sizes and designs are available to serve almost any type of application.

The sturdy cast aluminum construction ensures high abrasion resistance when pumping abrasive media, a low flow resistance due to the high surface finish, availability throughout a wide temperature range, excellent corrosion resistance, and a long lifetime. In combination with the well-established control system, these compact and powerful cast aluminum pumps are easy to transport and are therefore used as both mobile units or stationary equipment. During the development of the pumps, great attention was paid to service friendliness, in order to minimize downtime.

Operating Principle & Model Information

Double-acting, positive displacement Series DH pumps operate with two alternating pumping chambers. The compressed air which drives the unit is admitted through a control valve, to the rear of each diaphragm in turn, so displacing the medium from alternate pumping chambers. In the pump illustrated below, the right-hand pumping chamber is in the intake position. A vacuum has been created by the retraction of the diaphragm and the pumped medium flows into the chamber. The left-hand diaphragm, which is supported by compressed air, simultaneously displaces the medium present in this chamber. Since the two diaphragms are connected by a common piston rod, suction always occurs in one chamber whilst discharge is occurring in the other.

Flexible Multiport Connections

Multi-Port Connections on Aluminum Pumps

Innovative Flange Design

Flange Design on Aluminum Pumps
Maintenance In Place (MIP)
Aluminum Pump Maintenance-In-Place