Chemical & Petrochemical Applications

Our products solve many special application problems in the chemical and petrochemical industry that require high pressure, high/low temperature and corrosion–resistant components.

We offer a complete selection of plastic switches for the measurement and control of highly aggressive or high purity media.

Crude oil storage
Separation layer measurement
Gas condensation tanks
Refinery tank farms
Steam generation

Oil & Gas Applications

Our float level switches carry ATEX and IECEx approvals to serve in the most difficult applications both on- and offshore.

Our level switches have been examined and approved by the most important and internationally recognized organizations. Numerous approvals—combined with periodic audits—grant continuous quality control throughout the production process.

Oil & gas separators
Gas drying (Flare knock-out drums)
Separation layer detection
Liquified gases
Overfill protection
Hydraulic oil tanks
Waste water tanks
Ballast tanks
Storage & holding tanks

Plant Engineering Applications

We offer both standard and industrial type level switches for OEMs and plant manufacturers.

Additional capacitance switches, float switches, level indicators and transmitters complete our range of convenient, one-stop-shopping products.

Oil and lubrication tanks
Separation layer measurement
Pump dry run protection
Double wall tanks
Edible oil production

Power Generation Applications

High quality and utmost product reliability are vital in power generation plants.

Granzow offers robust and durable level switches, indicators and transmitters—manufactured according to ISO 9001—for monitoring in all areas of the water and steam cycles.

Water/steam systems
Cooling systems
Demineralized water
Low/High power heaters
Water recycling systems

Shipbuilding Applications

Our unique level switches are installed on cargo vessels, tankers, cruise ships, fregattes, nuclear submarines, catamarans, and crane and container ships.

Electric and pneumatic level switches are available to the marine industry in light, heavy duty and explosion-proof versions.

LPG tanks
Separation layer detection
Fresh and waste water tanks
Fuel oil tanks
Bilge alarm
Lubrication tanks
Balance tanks

Water Management Applications

We offer standard range and mini float switches, as well as level indicators and transmitters for applications in water management.

Production and internal processes are continuously monitored by the installed management system, to ensure that you can trust our products.

Water collection basins
Freshwater tanks
Industrial waste water
Black & grey water tanks
Vacuum tanks for human waste systems