Series H - General Purpose Solenoid Valve
  • Series H
  • Direct Lift
  • 2-way, internally piloted, normally open solenoid valve, with assisted lift
Pipe Sizes
0–145 psi
Operating Pressure

Model Numbers and Technical Specifications

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Medium examples: Air, Inert gas, Water
Temperature range: 14°-195° F
*PA = polyamide
Medium examples: Air, Inert gas, Water, Synthetic oils
Temperature range: 14°-280° F

About Series "H" Solenoid Valves

Granzow's Series H direct lift valves are used within a wide range of applications because of their ability to operate at zero differential while still providing high flow rates. These solenoid valves are available with brass or nickel plated bodies, pipe sizes from 1/4" to 1 1/2" and elastomers including NBR+PA, FKM and EPDM. Interchangeable coils offered for this series cover a wide range of AC and DC voltages. Connectors such as cable grip, ½" NPT conduit or power cords are available as well. In addition, the Series H solenoid valves are also available in normally closed.

All Granzow solenoid valves are produced in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility and are 100% tested before shipping.

Electrical Connection
Rating: NEMA 4
Strain relief connector: Model 009
1/2" conduit connector: Model 010
6 ft. power cord: Model GRN100
Materials of Construction
Body: Brass
Armature Tube: Stainless Steel 300
Fixed Core: Stainless Steel 400
Plunger: Stainless Steel 400
Spring: Stainless Steel 300
Shading Ring: Copper

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