Solenoid Valve Din Connector, Model 001
  • Model 001
  • Solenoid Valve
    DIN Connector
Cable Grip
Connector Type

About DIN Connectors

Electrical connection to a Granzow solenoid valve is via a DIN connector. The connector plugs onto the spades of the coil, and a profile gasket ensures a NEMA 4 water-tight connection.

Granzow offers three types of DIN connectors: cable grip connectors, 1/2" conduit connectors, and a 6-foot power cord connector. This model (001) is a Cable Grip Connector.

Model 001 Dimensions

Solenoid Valve Din Connector, Model 001 - Dimensional View
Connector Dimensions
Height B: 1-1/8"
Length C: 1-3/16"
Height D: 1-1/8"
Width F: 27/32"
Width G: 10mm