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  • Valves and Solenoid Valves, Universal; G1/8"-G1/4"
Die-cast zamak
15-145 psi
Operating pressure
Ambient temperature

About Univer Series CL/CM

Valves and Solenoid Valves, Universal; G1/8"-G1/4"

The construction adopted for the spool system allows for extremely unique performance. The valve is made of only two parts, body and spool (in one piece), with fluctuating seals of a special compound that reduces friction and prevents sticking. These features—along with a high flow capacity and the absence of communication between the chambers—make maintenance easier, lubrication unnecessary, and allow for a high cycle life. Apart from the typical uses of the spool system, this valve is also suitable for vacuum application, for 5/3 open or closed centers.

Additional Information

Ordering Information
To obtain more detailed product specifications, in addition to ordering information and model build codes specific to Univer® Series CL/CM, please refer to the PDF datasheet below.
DatasheetSeries CL/CM (6.0 MB)
Technical Characteristics
Body: Die-cast zamak
Operating pressure: 15-145 psi
Ambient temperature: 14-122°F
Fluid: Filtered air 50µm
Fluid temperature: 14-122°F
Nominal diameter: 6mm (G1/8), 8,5mm(G1/4)
Flow rate: 890 NI/min. (G1/8), 1480 NI/min. (G1/4)
Switching system: Spool
Coils: Series DA (U1), DC (U3) on request