• Series RT
  • Univer High-Tech
  • Telescopic Pneumatic Cylinders Ø 25-63mm; 2-3 Stages
22-145 psi
Operating Pressure
Ambient Temperature
Filtered Air

About Univer Series RT

Telescopic Pneumatic Cylinders Ø 25-63mm; 2-3 Stages

A technological breakthrough, the new RT telescopic cylinder series represents the culmination of years of technical research. The overall dimensions are one of the most important aspects: in comparison with a traditional ISO cylinder of the same stroke, a reduction in size of approximately 45% (with a 3-stage telescopic cylinder) is obtained. This unique attribute permits the customer to foresee a considerable amount of time reduction for both the project and construction of equipment. The cylinder can be supplied in a magnetic version, and is also available with a slide unit (only for the 2-stage version).

Additional Information

Ordering Information
To obtain more detailed product specifications, in addition to ordering information and model build codes specific to Univer® Series RT, please refer to the PDF datasheet below.
DatasheetSeries RT (4.0 MB)
Technical Characteristics
Operating Pressure: 22-145 psi
Ambient Temperature: -4-176°F
Fluid: Filtered Air
Barrel: Internal/external anodised aluminum
Piston Rod: Chromium-plated steel