• Series OV
  • Univer Cylinders
  • Oval Cylinders Ø 18-80mm
22-145 psi
Working pressure
Ambient temperature
Filtered air

About Univer Series OV

Oval Cylinders Ø 18-80mm

Series OV features compact oval cylinders, with adjustable pneumatic cushioning and a standard magnetic version. The special shape of the cylinder allows the assembly of several coupled cylinders with reduced overall dimensions (in width).

Additional Information

Ordering Information
To obtain more detailed product specifications, in addition to ordering information and model build codes specific to Univer® Series OV, please refer to the PDF datasheet below.
DatasheetSeries OV (2.5 MB)
Technical Characteristics
Working pressure: 22-145 psi
Ambient temperature: 4-176°F
Fluid: Filtered air
Barrel: Aluminum extrusion
End-caps: Aluminum
Fixings: Side and front
Piston rod: Chromium-plated (Ø32-80mm), stainless steel (Ø16-25mm)
Piston: Aluminum
Seals: Nitrile rubber
Magnetic version: Series DF (standard)