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Die-cast zamak
145 psi (max.)
Operating pressure
Ambient temperature

About Univer Series AM

Pneumatic and Electric Foot Valves

Flow control valves are used mainly where there is a need to regulate piston speed in double or single acting pneumatic cylinders. They are also used to regulate air flow, where necessary. The unidirectional flow regulator allows flow regulation in one direction only (indicated on the apparatus), and the bidirectional version in both directions.

Additional Information

Ordering Information
To obtain more detailed product specifications, in addition to ordering information and model build codes specific to Univer® Series AM, please refer to the PDF datasheet below.
DatasheetSeries AM (5.8 MB)
Technical Characteristics
Body: Die-cast zamak
Operating pressure: 145 psi (max.)
Ambient temperature: 14-158°F
Fluid temperature: 14-122°F
Capacity: 800 NI/min
Seals: Oil/wear-resistant compound