Series W

Granzow is pleased to introduce the newest sizes in our popular high flow series of solenoid valves. These solenoid valves are 2-way, and can come in a normally closed or normally open configuration. Most other solenoid valve manufacturers don't make sizes larger than 2", so these valves are ideal for applications that require a high amount of flow (up to approximately 97 GPM), including:

• Irrigation
• Aquaducts
• Water systems
• Pumping stations
• Fire protection
• Water supply lines
• Flood protection
• Water management
• Cooling and thermal plants
• Large pipelines or large flow requirements

Special features include:

• High flow rates
• Configurable to normally closed or normally open operation
• Designed with anti-water hammer nozzles
• Closing/opening speed can be calibrated with provided nozzles

Please contact us for more information on these valves and we will be pleased to offer you a competitive price!