• Type BLS
  • Horizontally-Mounted
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
BLS 10, BLS 11, BLS 20, BLS 30
Product Types
-40°F to +238°F
Temperature Range
Supply Voltage
Stainless Steel with PEEK

About Type BLS

Ultrasonic Sensor

Common Applications:
Chemical Engineering
Food Industry
Sewage Treatment

• One sensor detects different media (liquids, bulk goods, foams: sticky, pasty or high or low viscosity)
• Maximum temperature stability and repeat accuracy
• Resistant to shocks and vibrations
• Response time < 100 ms
• Fully integrated electronics
• Maintenance-free
• Easy to install
• LED switching point indicator
• IP67 304 or 316 SS enclosure & PEEK tip
• Process temperature range -40°F to +238°F