• WA000-000
  • Series W Valve Model
  • General Purpose: 2-way, internally piloted, normally closed solenoid valve
2 1/2" / 2 1/2"
Pipe Size / Orifice Size
5–72 psi
Operating Pressure
8 W
Coil Wattage
Valve Seal
14–195° F
Operating Temperature

Solenoid Valve Details

Solenoid Valve, Model WA000-000 (8W) - Cross-Sectional View
Valve Model #WA000-000
Pipe Size: 2 1/2"
Orifice Size: 2 1/2"
Flow Factor: 86.25 Cv
Power: 8 watts
Minimum Operating Pressure: 5 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure (AC): 72 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure (DC): 72 psi
Valve Sealing Material
Sealing Material: NBR
Temperature: 14–195°F
Medium Examples: Air, Inert gas, Water

Valve Model Specifications

Electrical Connection
Rating: NEMA 4
Inrush VA (AC voltage only): 25.0
Holding VA (AC voltage only): 14.5
Materials of Construction
Body: Brass
Armature Tube: Stainless Steel 300
Fixed Core: Stainless Steel 400
Plunger: Stainless Steel 400
Spring: Stainless Steel 300
Shading Ring: Copper
Orifice: Brass
Pipe Threading: NPT

Additional Valve Information

Solenoid Valve, Model WA000-000 (8W) - Dimensional View
Solenoid Valve Dimensions
Valve Width (A): 6 5/8"
Valve Length (B): 8 29/32"
Valve Height (C): 7 3/8"
Coil Width (D): 1 3/16"
Coil Length (E): 1 21/32"
Coil Length (F): 2 1/8"
Spare Parts
Armature Tube: AT-C001
Repair Kit: RK-W006

Note: This item is part of our "W" Series of solenoid valves. The valve is pictured above with a sample coil, which may or may not reflect the exact specifications of this particular solenoid valve model.