• Series J6
  • Univer High-Tech
  • Slide Units for Compact (Series RS) and Telescopic (Series RT) Cylinders
29-145 psi
Working Pressure
Ambient Temperature
Aluminum extrusion
Slide Unit Barrel

About Univer Series J6

Slide Units for Compact (Series RS) and Telescopic (Series RT) Cylinders

Slide units for pneumatic cylinders are suitable for Series K/KD, M, RS, RS2, S1, and W cylinders. The units feature enlarged chromium-plated hollow guides, which provide robustness and reliability. They are an economical solution, thanks to the long-lasting components. Special metallic self-lubricating bearings minimize noise and abrasion. The slide units have a high resistance to peak loads, and all models are available with a safety distance of 25mm for accident prevention.

Additional Information

Ordering Information
To obtain more detailed product specifications, in addition to ordering information and model build codes specific to Univer® Series J6, please refer to the PDF datasheet below.
DatasheetSeries J6 (6.1 MB)
Technical Characteristics
Working Pressure: 29-145 psi
Ambient Temperature: 4-176°F
Slide Unit Barrel: Aluminum extrusion
Guide Rods: Hollow, chromium-plated steel
Guide Scraper Seals: Standard